A short wave-based shmup made for the Lazy Devs Basic Shmup Showcase.
This game was made on the Pico-8 virtual console.

The game is short (less than 10mn to reach the boss) but also quite hard.
Will you be able to survive the alien waves and defeat the mighty Eye of Yox  ?

How to play

  • Arrow keys to move (up/down/left/right)
  • Hold "X" to shoot
  • Hold and release "C" for a powerful charged shot. This also slows your ship down.
  • Press "P" to pause the game
  • Collect pickups from enemies (score, extra life, defensive shield)
  • Survive 9 waves of aliens until the final boss
  • Aim for the high-score !
  • Hold "C" on the title screens for info/credits


  • 9 waves + 1 boss
  • 4 different alien types + "elite" variants
  • Lots of explosions


V1.1 :

  • Changed the button mapping. No need to smash X to shoot and charged shot now has a dedicated button
  • Added audio and visual cues when charge shot is full
  • Boss health bar now hides when the player fly to the bottom of the screen


Code/art : Jean-Baptiste Lévêque
Main theme heavily inspired from "Kiss in the Dark" (Metal Slug 2 OST)


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Very good! I especially appreciate the ai on the scissor guys, made me laugh. Also the usage of the screenspace was refreshing...letting me go up near the enemy as a method to avoid their attack etc. 34k. died on boss. 

Thank you for your feedback ! I'm glad you enjoyed the game